Mesón del Toro





Our gastronomy reflects traditional cooking which is typical for southern portions of the Iberian peninsula. We are well-known for our passion and dedication we are cooking tasteful meat and fish dishes, solid stews and vegetable dishes with. It is obvious that we only use fresh ingredients of highest quality for preparing meals for our guests. Afterwards we recommend a choice of our extensive range of dishes you should try.

Vegetable Dishes and Soups

- Gazpacho Andalusian Style (cold served tomato soup)
- Salmorejo (cold creamy dish with tomatoes, bread, garlic, and olive oil)
- Salads
- Scrambled Eggs

Fish dishes and Seafood

- Swordfish
- Sea Pike (Hake)
- Monkfish
- Squid
- Mullet
- Sole
- Plate with an Assortment of Deep Fried Fish, Andalusian Style
- Prawns
- Crawfish
- Clams
- Octopus

Meat Dishes

- Grilled Lamb, Suckling Pig, and Partridge Specialties
- Oxtail
- Baked Pickled Knuckle of Pork

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